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Olé Languages is a professional Spanish language school in Barcelona, Spain, dedicated to teaching Spanish in an open, personal and enjoyable atmosphere.  Come and learn Spanish with us ! Book one of our Spanish courses and enjoy studying in Barcelona.

Best Price/Quality Ratio School

Olé delivers the same quality of teaching as any of the larger, more expensive Spanish schools at a better price.
Our Spanish School offers language courses for all levels. The most popular are Intensive, Semi-intensive, Evening, D.E.L.E preparation course and one to one classes. All spanish lessons are taught by qualified native Spanish speakers. Visit our school and try! We hope to see you soon in BARCELONA!

Our spanish students

Accredited by Instituto Cervantes

Olé Barcelona has been accredited by Instituto Cervantes, which means it meets the conditions set for the Accreditation System for Centres, the only international accreditation exclusively focused on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, therefore the quality of our courses is guaranteed.

Our spanish students

Our Spanish Courses

Olé spanish school offers a wide variety of spanish courses in Barcelona, Spain for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners that range from a maximum of 25 lessons to a minimum of 4 lessons/week. We are specialized in offering quality courses at competitive prices.*
* Read here why expensive Spanish schools won't offer you better Spanish classes.

Intensive Spanish Course

  • 20 lessons/week
  • Morning or afternoon

  • 1 week: 165 € /week
  • 2 weeks: 163 € /week
  • 3 weeks: 162 € /week
  • 4 weeks: 160 € /week
  • More.....
  • Semi-intensive Course

  • 10 lessons/week
  • Morning or afternoon

  • 1 week: 86 € /week
  • 2 weeks: 85 € /week
  • 3 weeks: 84 € /week
  • 4 weeks: 83 € /week
  • More.....
  • Evening Spanish Course

  • 4 lessons/week
  • Evening from 19:00

  • 4 weeks: 140 €/month
  • 8 weeks: 138 €/month
  • 12 weeks: 137 €/month
  • 16 weeks: 134 €/month
  • More.....
  • Long-term Spanish Course

  • From 27 to 48 weeks
  • Visa application documents
  • 20 lessons/week

  • 27 weeks: 3600 €
  • 36 weeks: 4500 €
  • 42 weeks: 5250 €
  • More.....
  • Accredited / recognized by:

    Our offer

    We think that Spanish language should not only be practiced inside the classroom, but also learned through other means like fun activities and events. That's why our offer goes beyond Spanish classes.
  • Groups of maximun 9 people
  • A highly qualified, dedicated team of Spanish teachers
  • With each week the prices get lower
  • High flexibility when extending the course
  • Air-conditioned class rooms
  • Computers with online access
  • WiFi (Wireless Internet)
  • DVDs / reading material
  • Self-Study material
  • Located in the center

  • Cultural activities
  • Instituto Cervantes Accreditation
  • Certificates
  • Photo Copies
  • Personalized attention

  • School Activities

    Olé Languages is committed to providing you with every means necessary to reach your language-learning goals while making the most of your time in one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, Barcelona.

    Olé Barcelona

    Learn Spanish in Barcelona - Spain

    Where else would you come to learn Spanish but the beautiful Barcelona?

    Olé Barcelona offers spanish courses with an excellent quality to a significantly lower price than the large majority of Spanish schools in Barcelona. 99% of our students evaluated the relation price/quality as “Very good.”

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    Find us in the school

    Carrer Mallorca 201, Bajos
    08036 Barcelona

    Give us a ring

    Valeria and Noelle
    +34 93 797 54 58
    Mon - Fri, 8:30-19:30

    Give us a ring

    Valeria and Noelle: +34 93 797 54 58 , Mon - Fri, 8:30-19:30