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Course Testimonials

Julie Noce

Hola! I'm Julie, a 44 year old Chicago native. I have been taking classes on and off here since the fall of 2017. I love this place! I have had nearly every teacher at least once and can say unequivocally- these guys are great! There's lots of diversity amongst the staff - everyone brings something different to class. Not to speak of the kindness- especially in coping with my language related anxieties. The management was wonderful also: super flexibility with my schedule and were always willing to find solutions if needed. In short- great school, great teachers, great staff. Highly recommended ���� .

Peiran Zhang

I was looking for a Spanish school not only serious but also interesting, Olé is exactly what I was looking for, like a big family, the teachers are very friendly and interesting. but we didn't play all the time, 9 months of studying here make my Spanish improved a lot, during the time I attended the class of preparaing DELE too, it was difficult but the teacher was good and had a lot experience, we practiced over and over again, finally I passed DELE B2. Olé is fantastic, a very great school for you to studying Spanish and knowing the culture of Spain

Chao Yan

Este curso de preparación del DELE es muy útil para aprobar el examen DELE. El profesor es muy simpático y profesional, me enseñó las claves del examen, y las cosas más importantes a tener en cuenta en el examen. Además el profesor tiene mucha paciencia para enseñarnos, me lo pasé muy bien en este curso y con el profesor.