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School FAQ

All teachers at Olé have a University degree, are native speakers and have extensive experience as teachers of Spanish as a foreign language.
From A1 to C2 (common european framework of reference for languages levels). To know more about our method and levels please visit our teaching method page.
Maximum of 10 students in each group being the average 5 students.
Yes, it’s a Spanish total immersion program. It's proven that using this method the students make more progress and learn faster than in non immersible programs.
Students must be adults (at least 18 year old).
Before starting any course each student have to take a placement test in order to assign them to the right group.
If you feel it is either too easy or too difficult you should talk to your teacher who will talk to the schools's course coordinator. It would be possible only under the authorisation of the schools's course coordinator.
Yes, you will get a certificate at the end of the course if you attend classes regularly.
Olé’s course program follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Language. Independently of whether you do the Intensive (20 lessons/week) or Semi-Intensive (10 lessons/week) course you will need the following amount of time for each given level:

A1 = 5 weeks
A2 = 5 weeks
B1 = 6 weeks
B2 = 7 weeks
C1 = 12 weeks
C2 = 12 weeks

For evening courses, students will need at least 12 weeks in order to complete a level.
It is generally possible to take a break without paying a surcharge as long as we have a group with your level available upon your return. You only have to tell us with 2 weeks notice in advance.
Yes, feel free to extend your course at any time (subject to availability).

Courses FAQ

Standard Courses : Intensive, Semi-intensive, Evening

You can study as long as you want but for any particular booking the period has to be from 1 to 50 weeks. For periods longer than 50 weeks several bookings are required.
You can mention your preference but it will depend on availability, levels, etc.
The enrolment fee is 55 € including the first study book and the study materials and it's valid for a 12-months period. This means that you can return to the school as many times as you want during the year and you only pay the enrolment fee once!
Our semi-intensive and intensive courses start every Monday all year except for absolute beginner students who can start every second Monday
Intensive and semi-intensive courses are held from 09:30 to 13:30 (morning lessons) or from 14:30 to 18:30 (afternoon lessons). Evening lessons are held from 19:00 to 21:00 on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays.
You will have to take a placement test before starting any course. This test will let us determine which group fits better your level.
All courses run all year round except the evening course that takes place from January to June and from October to December. The Evening course is not available at summer ( July, August, September ).
The minimum course period for the Intensive and Semi-intensive course is 1 week and 4 weeks for the evening course..
One lesson in our evening and semi-intensive course is 60 minutes and for the intensive course is 52,5 minutes.
20 lessons/ week for the intensive course, 10 lessons/week for the semi-intensive course and 4 lessons/week for the evening course.

Long-term Courses: 27, 36, 42, 42 weeks

Long-term courses are intensive courses for periods longer or equal than 27 weeks. Students from outside of the Schengen territory who study a long-term course can get a student visa type D "Open" that can be extended from Spain. Apart from the duration of the course, the characteristics of both courses are the same. We offer more competitive prices for the long-term courses than for the intensive courses.
For less than 90 days of study you can get a visa type C, for more than 90 days but less that 26 weeks you can get a visa type D "Closed" that can not be extended, for courses longer that 26 weeks ( half a year ) you can get a visa type D "Open" that can be extended from Spain.
For more information about the student visa process please check our student visa page.
You can apply for an extension of your student visa as long as your initial student visa type is type D "Open". Initialy you get this type of visa for courses longer than 26 weeks ( half a year ). If your visa has a shorter duration, you have to return to your country and start the process again.
It’s important that you begin the process approximately 60 days before your NIE/TIE is about to expire. The documents you need to provide at the "Oficina de Extranjería" are the following:

1. The request form (official model EX-11), in its original and a copy.
2. Passport and a photocopy.
3. 3 recent photos.
4. Photocopy of your NIE/TIE.
5. Accredited documentation saying that you have completed the requirements to continue your studies.
6. Accredited document that you have enrolled in a Spanish course.
7. Accredited document demonstrating that you have the economic means to cover your necessities.
8. Empadronamiento (household registration).

Other Courses: Private, DELE, Conversation

The D.E.L.E preparation courses start usually five weeks before each exam date. Please email us at [email protected] for more information. You can also check our DELE information page
There are two options: 20 or 10 lessons/weeek. Please check our DELE information page for getting more details.
There are two options: 4 weeks or 2 weeks long. Please check our DELE information page for getting more details.
No, students who enroll in DELE courses do not have to pay any enrolment fee.
Our conversation courses start every Monday all year round.
5 lessons per week. One every day from Monday to Friday from 13:30 to 14:30
Yes, these courses are only available from A2 level on.
No, students who enroll in conversation classes do not have to pay any enrolment fee.

Accommodation FAQ

It depends on the accommodation you choose. Most of our shared-apartments and host-families are centrally located and well connected with public transport (within 15-20 minutes distance).
Yes, as long as we have availability in another apartment or host-family.
As soon as we have received the advanced payment we will send to students the accommodation details.
Shared aparment accommodation is arranged from Saturday before the course begins until Saturday morning after the course ends.
Sheets are provided. Towels are not.
No, accommodation cannot be arranged without booking a course.
No, smoking is not permitted in rooms or common areas. You are allowed to do it in the balconies/terraces.
Host families are carefully selected by Olé Barcelona and they have a lot of experience hosting foreign students.

Booking / Payment FAQ

You can book your course online clicking the book now button (on the top of the page and on the right) and following the steps of the booking system. You can also do it at school if you already are in Barcelona.
We usually assign the classes in order of students’ arrivals so we recommended that you book your course 3-4 weeks in advance. Of course you can try to book even 1 day in advance although there is the risk that the groups are full.
At the end of the enrolment process we require you to make a payment of 150€ in order to guarantee your booking,. The remaining amount must be paid to the school directly, according to the schools' policies, usually on the first day of the course. Please note that if you need documents for getting the student Visa, we require you to pay the full amount in advance.
You can pay in the school or online. If you pay in the school the options are cash and credit/debit card. If you prefer to pay online you can do it by credit/debit card or by bank transfer. Please check our how to pay page for more details.