It’s a commonly held believe that doing an expensive Spanish course makes you learn the language faster. But why would that be the case? Our Spanish teachers are highly qualified and dedicated individuals who see teaching Spanish as more than a job that pays their rent. Teaching is their vocation. Furthermore, with a maximum of nine people per class our groups are much smaller than in most other schools. And last but not least, the manageable size of our Spanish school enables us to be much more flexible and to respond to the individual needs of our students.

Air Conditioning

The summers in Barcelona are hot. Temperatures easily exceed 30 degrees. To keep cool whilst getting your head around the Spanish language, all classrooms are equipped with air-conditioning.

Computers + Internet

Like in any big European city, you will find Internet cafés or so called locutorios on every other corner in Barcelona. But it is not only more practical to use the Internet at the school, it is also for free. Olé is equipped with computers that you can use to check emails, to call your friends via Skype or to chat over Messenger. - WiFi If you prefer to work on your own computer, you can use the wireless network in the school to access the Internet for free any time during the school’s opening hours.

our school in barcelona facilities

There are many ways to speed up the learning process. Reading Spanish books and watching films is an easy and entertaining way to improve your vocabulary. Olé provides many DVDs in Spanish as well as books for different levels.

Self-study Materials

Our teachers can always be approached for more exercises or advice on how to speed up the learning process. However, if you like to put in extra studying time Olé provides self-study software that can be used on either the school’s or on your own computer.


Olé is located in close proximity to the centre of town. In just ten minutes by foot you reach Placa Catalunya. The school itself is situated on Carrer Mallorca, a charmin zone with many cafés, bars, and small shops.


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Cultural Activities

Learning Spanish means more than knowing the grammar and vocabulary. It means to understand the people who live this culture and speak this language on a daily basis. Furthermore, Barcelona is a stunning city with a thriving art and music scene. Olé offers a range of cultural activities. Click here for more information.


At the end of the course every student receives a certificate that verifies their Spanish level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages short CEFR.

Photo Copies

Against a small fee, students have the possibility to use the school’s photocopier.

Opening hours

Even though Olé isn’t a large school, our facilities are open during the day from 9am in the morning until 7.00 pm in the evening. During this time you are welcome to use all our facilities and we will help you with any concerns or questions you might have.

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