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Thousands of students study Spanish at Olé Barcelona every year. They come from different countries from all over the world. An exciting mix of nationalities and cultural backgrounds which makes studying at Olé a unique intercultural experience.
ole school student profile

Where do our students come from ?

Most of our students come from different parts of Europe, although we have people from all continents that decide to learn Spanish and are eager to discover and immerse themselves in Spanish culture.

Students from more than 60 different countries choose to practice Spanish, improve their fluidity and make new friends with us every year.

Our top 10 nationalities are: 1 - German, 2 - Italian, 3 - British, 4 - Brazilian, 5 - Russian, 6 - French, 7 - American, 8 - Chinese, 9 - Dutch, 10 - Ukrainian.


How old are our students ?

The average age of our students is 22-26, but we welcome all ages from 18 to 99 or even older. You are never too old to learn a new language.

Please note that we generally only offer classes for adults (18 year old or older). However, we do make exceptions for groups (with a coordinator responsible for them) or minors that are close to turn 18 (with a document signed by their parents).

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